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We bring together musicians to learn, play, experience and shop everything music.

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What is Music Stories?

Music Stories was born from our own experience as amateur musicians, struggling to find a music teacher online. We struggled to find a good website which presented music teachers well, helped you choose between music teachers or helped develop our musical interests.

Music Stories brings together different elements of the music industry; “Learn”, “Play”, “Experience” and “Shop” and creates a space designed for musicians by musicians.

Benefits for the music teacher and / or performer.

Benefits for the musician.

What is unique about Music Stories?

We stand out from other “tutor sites” with the following:

We believe in Accessibility, Inclusivity, Collaboration and Music Education to fill the world with more music, musician by musician.

Our Talent Fund

Our transactions through the site have a 1% Talent Fund accrual, which creates a pot of money for Music Stories users to apply to, to help them with their musical story. The bigger the success of the site, the more money we will raise to support talent!

Find out more about Music Stories by emailing fiona@musicstories.co, follow us on Twitter @musicstories_co, Instagram @musicstories.co and Facebook Music Stories.co, sign up to our e-newsletter or click here for further info.


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