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Why Feature on Music Stories?

Offer a wider range of lessons, masterclasses, online or in-person performances and events than any other site

With a direct booking system, benefit from the calendar and payment system and cancellation policy

Tell your true music story to inspire the next generation of professional musicians

Benefit from intelligent marketing through our partners and digital marketing

Be part of the Music Stories Community and the events that Music Stories will be organising through the year

Benefit from our incentive programme; the more lessons and experiences you have booked via the site, the more you benefit


We aim to keep Music Stories competitive whilst also providing the best opportunities for musicians.

On all single lessons and performances we charge a 12.5% + VAT commission against the advertised price.

Customers booking lessons, masterclasses and experiences are additionally charged a booking fee of 4% + VAT and a 1% charge to the Music Stories Talent Fund

How do I feature?

If you are interested in featuring, first email

We have a clear categorisation of musicians by “type of teacher” and so can offer opportunities to a wide range of teachers.

If you have been to a top music college, been teaching for more than 10 years, perform and teach, and can verify your credentials then we think we have the right audience for you.

Every musician wanting to feature on Music Stories will be asked to do a Zoom interview to understand their music story, their credentials and to find out how they would best like to benefit from featuring on Music Stories.

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